Who We Are

Genuine Wealth Inc. is a four-partner cooperative enterprise who have come together with a common passion to design, build and operate a new economy that focuses on well-being as the ultimate goal of individual lives, businesses and communities.

Our skills are diverse and complimentary: economics, well-being science, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, sustainability accounting and reporting, social entrepreneurship, financial accounting, natural capital accounting, business architecture, IT solutions, political science, forest science, relational experts, and strategists.

We came together with a common yearning to change the world for the better, by building practical solutions for the transition of our local and global economies and business to ones that are characterized as flourishing communities of well-being.

We operate based on the principles of cooperative enterprise: reciprocal, shared responsibility and profit.

We define ‘best interests’ of our clients in terms of our ability to work collaboratively to co-create, with our partners, clients and communities, the highest possible general public benefit measured in terms of well-being and genuine happiness.

We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with associates around the world (London, New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam,Tahiti, Shanghai, Florence, Boston, Toronto, Calgary).