The Team

Genuine Wealth Co-Founders and Partners 

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Robert McGarvey
Bill Craig
Dominic Mishio
Mark Anielski





Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski, BA, BScF, MScFE, Mark has extensive experience in the design and implementation of well-being measurement, reporting and management frameworks from his experience in Alberta, Canada, the US, Europe and in China. He has been a senior economic policy advisor to governments for more than 25 years on the subject of measuring and reporting on well-being, happiness and sustainability. His most recent work has been the development of the Canadian Index of Well-being, with other applied researchers; the CIW will be the most comprehensive wellbeing measurement system in the world when it is released in October 2011.

Mark is an economist, entrepreneur, professor, author, and co-founder of Genuine Wealth Inc., which specializes in measuring the sustainable well-being of communities, business and organizations.

He has designed, built and implemented many well-being accounting systems since the late 1990s, including:

  • Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bhutan on advancing the Gross National Happiness index and a new economic paradigm on well-being and happiness (2012).
  • Genuine well-being assessment and Community Well-being plan for the Wicihitowin Circle of Shared Responsibility, an organization representing over 50,000 of Edmonton’s urban First Nation, Metis and Inuit population (2011).
  • The Edmonton Genuine Wealth accounting system, including social, economic and environmental well-being Indicators and Edmonton Genuine Well-being Index (2009).
  • The Leduc Genuine Wealth (Well-being) Measurement and Management system (2006).
  • The Canadian Index of Well-being (CIW), released in 2011. Mark served as founding member of the CIW in developing this comprehensive 65-well-being indicator index of well-being for Canada.
  • Senior economic advisor to the Government of China in the development of their Xiaokang Society Well-being Indicators (economic, social and environmental well-being indicators) to guide China’s municipal governance.

Mark developed and has applied his Genuine Wealth assessment model to assess full economic, social and environmental impacts (triple-bottom-line) as well as the full economic costs and benefits of economic development decisions and public policy issues. The Genuine Wealth model uses an integrated five-capital accounting framework to assess the sustainability of the financial, human, social, natural and built capital assets of any organization or society. The genuine wealth model has also been used by governments, communities and organizations around the world to assess the true value and well-being returns on investments of resources, time and money into improving or sustaining quality of life conditions of communities and organizations.

Bill Craig

Bill is deeply experienced in addressing complex challenges involving multiple jurisdictions and stakeholders. He is a specialist in global governance and public sector (federal, provincial, and municipal) organizations and the design and delivery of programs and services within those organizations.

Bill brings a rich and varied background in business strategy, government transformation, business architecture, business models, business rule management, business process management, knowledge management, business intelligence, information management, social collaboration, artificial intelligence, methodology and standards development, and technical solution delivery.

Bill is equally comfortable in both the business and technology domains.  Bill has worked with all levels of government in Canada; and internationally through various projects with the Economic City Authority (Saudi Arabia), CIDA (Ukraine), USAID (Armenia), and the World Bank (Moldova).

Bill is actively involved in well-being / quality of life, happiness, and human rights related initiatives as a founder, board member, or advisor/consultant on projects at the global, national, regional, city/towns, and community level. Bill also has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and a Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry.

He offers specific expertise in public and private sector business architecture and design; business models, strategy execution; operating models, performance management, innovation management, change management, open government; remote sensing, geographic information systems and visualization.

Bill is a co-founder of Genuine Wealth Inc and has a passion for understanding the complex nature of well-being and the determinants of happiness.  Bill’s expertise in understanding government policy and planning processes, program and service design, change management and his vast experience  in building complex information systems, GIS (geographic information systems) mapping and visualization of well-being data provides a unique combination skills to the Genuine Wealth Inc. team.

Bill has completed graduate level course work in Information Management, Joint Ottawa University and Carleton University program, 1987 – Focus on Database Design and Artificial Intelligence.  Bill also completed a B.Sc. in Geography/Geo-Processing, University of Alberta, 1985 and has a Diploma in Forestry.

Robert McGarvey

Robert’s areas of expertise are global trends, the asset revolution, and banking reform. He has presented at conferences around the world on The Knowledge Economy and Managing Global Risks in a Changing World. Robert has international expertise in the assessment, valuation and verification of tangible and intangible assets for business enterprise; he is an expert in accounting for many of the intangible assets (including relational capital, goodwill and intellectual capital) that often go unaccounted for in traditional markets.

He joined the Genuine Wealth Inc. team in 2012 to lend his experience to the development and improvement of the Genuine Wealth five-capitals model to increase the robustness of total well-being assessments for communities and business, alike.

Over the course of his career, Robert McGarvey has held a variety of senior management positions. Robert began his career as a petroleum geologist in the oil industry in Calgary, Canada, and went on to become the Managing Director of Merlin Consulting, a London UK-based geological and oil market consulting firm. Since returning from the United Kingdom, McGarvey has been the President of Negawatt International Inc, a Canadian electronics group and Head of Strategy for Beckett Advisors, a consulting group based in Los Angeles, California.

Robert has been an Executive Committee Member of the UK-based Economic Research Council (ERC) since 1991 (  Founded in 1943 in London, the ERC investigates economic and political change and studies their impact on global business. To read other articles by the author and to stay in touch with Robert’s latest thinking please visit his blog:

Robert is a graduate of the LSE (London School of Economics), where he did his post-graduate work in economics and international relations. McGarvey has degrees in physics and petroleum geology from the University of Alberta.

Dominic Mishio

Dominic Mishio is one of Alberta’s (Canada) youngest elected representatives serving as Alderman and Deputy Mayor of the City of Leduc (25,000 population) between 2007-present; having been elected for two consecutive terms.

As an Alderman, Dominic wishes to use proper political tools to influence policy.  He views politics as an opportunity to inspire change.  Dominic has taken a keen interested in all domains of politics from local to global issues. He enthusiastically encourages all citizens to get involved in some form, as even participation at the local level creates an opportunity to expand positive influence around the world.

His decision to run for Leduc City Council in 2007 was based on his direct experience with the Leduc Genuine Wealth assessment that was being conducted in 2006, led by Mark Anielski. Dominic was instrumental in adopting the Genuine Wealth accounting and reporting system to govern policies, programs and budgets by the City of Leduc. Dominic has over 6 years of experience in using the Genuine Wealth system for helping to shape the City of Leduc’s strategic plan and budgets. In 2006, with the intention of understanding diverse political systems and keeping an open mind, Dominic traveled to Cuba to serve as a volunteer delegate at a United Nations conference on literacy.

Dominic understands first hand how to effectively engage citizens about their needs and values; by engaging people on their doorsteps to discuss ‘what makes life worthwhile.’ Inspired by Robert Kennedy and his challenge of inadequacy of economic measures like the GDP (gross domestic product), Dominic has joined with Mark Anielski to form Genuine Wealth Inc. to advance a new economic paradigm of well-being and happiness, using a pragmatic and meaningful citizen engagement process to understand the values and real (lived) well-being conditions of citizens.

Dominic also has experience in the private sector (insurance industry) and has been exposed to many aspects of business including budget preparation, corporate re branding  marketing and liaison with the board of directors. In three short years, Dominic was instrumental in growing the business by close to 400% and he became licensed by the Alberta Insurance Council.

Dominic holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in Canadian History and Political Science.