What We Think

Genuine Wealth was an idea and model conceived by economist and author Mark Anielski as a blueprint and roadmap for building new flourishing economies of well-being. Mark’s belief is that ‘well-being’ will be the key organizing principle of the 21st century replacing economic growth, as defined by gross domestic product (GDP). Why?

Consider that the words wealth, health and happiness have the same root word: well-being.

Wealth: The word wealth comes from the 13th Century Old English (wela+th) meaning ‘the conditions of well-being.’ We believe ‘genuine’ wealth refers to the material and monetary assets that contribute to our well-being.

Health: The word ‘health’ refers to physical, emotional and mental well-being of both individuals, organizations and communities.

Happiness: The word ‘happiness’ comes from the Greek eudaimonia which means ‘well-being of spirit.’ It thus refers to the spiritual well-being conditions of the individual and communities.

Genuine: We believe there is a yearning for authenticity in our world. To live and be genuine means living our lives in harmony with what we consider matters most to our well-being and happiness. To be Genuine means placing well-being at the centre of all actions and decisions. Wellbeing becomes the central organizing principle; it’s what we measure and why we act; more importantly improving individual, corporate and societal wellbeing is how we measure success.

Combining Genuine + Wealth we have developed a new model for designing, building and enhancing the well-being of individuals, enterprise, communities and nations.

The Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 was designed to help the world transition to a new economy that enhances well-being, in the pursuit of genuine happiness.

Enhancing Genuine Wealth is ultimately about measuring and managing what matters most to a good and joyful life.