Operating Principles

We have adopted the following operating principles and ethics, which guide our decisions and our business conscience:

  1. Integrity:  wholeness, solidity of character, honesty, trustworthiness, and responsibility.
  2. Veracity: Telling the truth in all circumstances; accountability and transparency.
  3. Fairness: treating equals equally, giving to everyone his or her due.
  4. Human Dignity: Acknowledging each person’s inherent worth; respectful recognition of another’s value simply for being human.
  5. Commitment: dependability, reliability, fidelity, loyalty and consistency.
  6. Reciprocity: Uninhibited sharing of ideas with another member/partner without expecting anything in return.
  7. Financial compensation based on work effort.
  8. Wage solidarity and optimum equity.
  9. Equitable distribution of financial residual (surplus) in proportion to trade.
  10. Subsidiarity: No decision should be taken at a higher level that can be made as effectively and efficiently at a lower level in the organization, with respect for proper autonomy.
  11. Cooperative One-Share-One-Vote: Each director in Genuine Wealth Inc. has one share with one vote on all decisions. Democratic control (one person/partner, one vote) and governance based on cooperation, shared responsibility, and using a circle, consensus-based decision-making process.
  12. Social Responsibility: An obligation to look to the interest of the broader community and to treat the community as a stakeholder in what the enterprise does.
  13. Common Good:
      • Alignment of one’s personal interests with the community’s well-being.
      • Shared sense of purpose and responsibility for the common-wealth (well-being) of each other the community and the environment.
      • Contracts are with society for the purpose of improving well-being conditions