What We Do

Genuine Wealth is a team of strategists and experts in the assessment and optimization of genuine wealth and well-being.
Our mission is to design, build and operate economies and enterprises of WellBeing based on the Genuine Wealth Model ©2013.
Genuine Wealth Inc. and the Genuine Wealth Institute was co-created by Mark Anielski, Bill Craig, Robert McGarvey, and Dominic Mishio with the purpose of helping individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, communities and nations improve and sustain a flourishing state of wealth, health and happiness.
WellBeing, by Design
We developed the Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 ©2013 to help individuals, enterprises, communities and nations strategize and implement practical solutions for achieving flourishing well-being. We see a need and longing in our society for authenticity, meaningful work, and a genuine pursuit of happiness; in short, the desire to flourish.
The Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 is a practical model that combines the strengths of economic analysis, conventional financial accounting, and intuitive analytics, that is built on the solid foundation of the science of well-being and happiness.
A Genuine WellBeing Return on Investment ©2013
The Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 includes the WellIBeing Return on Investment (WROI) ©2013 analytics that help you and your organization or community account for genuine value for the investment of time, money and other resources.
Three Areas of Benefit to You and Your Organization or Community
Our strategic advisory and analytic services support your interest in building a flourishing enterprise or community of WellBeing. These services include:

  • Flourishing Enterprise and Communities of WellBeing:We provide a unique Total Asset Management system we call the Genuine Wealth Model 2.0. Our model takes an integrated accounting approach to assessing well-being by examining and identifying the physical, qualitative and monetary conditions of the Five Capitals Assets (human, social, natural, built and financial) of an individual/family, enterprise, community, and nation. We help you discover your ‘well-being sweet spot'; that optimum state of flourishing well-being where genuine wealth, health and happiness can be achieved and maintained over time. You and your organization or community benefit by ensuring you are continually moving towards the optimization of well-being ‘returns on investment’ of time, resources and financial capital.  We believe in measuring-what-matters most to your well-being (your core values that defines ‘that which makes life worthwhile’). Our Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 was designed to help you achieve the highest-and-best-use value and WellBeing (copyright) returns on your most important assets: people and relationships, in harmony with the optimum use of your limited financial resources and time. We help you identify and strategize areas in which you can enhance and optimize a state of flourishing well-being. The result is improving the capacity for your organization or community to optimize well-being and generate and demonstrate to your shareholders and ‘careholders’ a genuine ‘WellBeing Return on Investment’ (WROI). We believe that WROI is the ultimate frontier for accountability and which most decision makers desire. We have helped numerous individuals, businesses, communities and even nations measure and account for the full range of economic, social and environmental well-being impacts of their lives, policies, programs and operations.
  • Flourishing People: We work with individuals, families and neighourhoods to discover and optimize a) financial and material wealth, b) physical and mental health and c) happiness. We have developed the Personal Genuine Wealth Model to help you self-assess your genuine wealth (including your skills, gifts and passions), health and happiness and then help you design  your own roadmap for improving and optimizing your overall state of well-being. We believe we all share a common yearning to flourish and contribute the full potential of our skills and gifts to our world that is hungry for meaning and authenticity.
  • Flourishing Environment: We are experts in determining the genuine value of Nature and the natural environment to our individual and collective well-being. We have over 20 years of experience in assessing the genuine value of natural assets through pioneering of natural capital accounting. We have helped many organizations, including conservation organizations and industry, demonstrate the full societal well-being impacts of their operations that integrates and harmonizes economic/financial, community and environmental impacts to demonstrate a ‘genuine’ return on investment of financial resources, human resources and nature’s capital assets (including ecosystem service values). We have developed a unique Genuine Wealth Model for evaluating returns to societal well-being from investments in natural capital assets and a full evaluation of the the many ecological goods and services provided by nature. Our unique WROI analytic protocols have served our clients well in demonstrating true value for investment of public and private funds that support conservation of natural assets.