What is Genuine Wealth

Genuine Wealth was an idea and model conceived by economist and author Mark Anielski as a blueprint and roadmap for building new economies of well-being. Mark’s belief is that ‘well-being’ will be the key organizing principle of the 21st century replacing economic growth, as defined by gross domestic product (GDP).

Genuine Wealth is comprised of the words “genuine”, meaning to be authentic and the Old English word “wealth”, which means ‘the conditions of well-being.’ Combining genuine + wealth we have developed a model for designing, building and operating flourishing communities and enterprises of well-being. Genuine Wealth is an economic model for measuring and enhancing well-being for enduring happiness and joy-filled lives. Enhancing Genuine Wealth is ultimately about measuring and managing what matters most to our quality of life and happiness.

Genuine Wealth is the blueprint and roadmap for building organizations and communities of well-being.