Genuine Wealth Research

We believe that modern capitalism is changing, adapting rapidly to foundational changes in the engine of growth in today’s global economy. We believe wealth is being redefined. We believe that well-being optimization will replace profit and GDP as the ultimate bottom line for business and economies. Our team members are expert in the emerging science of well-being.

We have developed a comprehensive and integrated Total Asset Management system we call Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 ©2013. The Genuine Wealth Model 2.0 accounts for the flourishing well-being of the five key capital assets of business, organizations and communities: human, social, natural, built, financial capital. This new well-being assessment system is underpinned by proprietary well-being assessments as well as protocols for measuring a suite of 30+ intangible asset classes, that include intellectual property, ‘relationship assets’ and more advanced measures of goodwill.

The Genuine Wealth Institute is dedicated to building flourishing Economies of WellBeing. We are active in designing, building and operating the new economic paradigm based on well-being.


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