Genuine Wealth Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

The Genuine Wealth system is the operating and management system by which decision makers in business, communities, and non-profit organizations can measure, manage and report on their current and historical state of well-being. We believe that a successful and flourishing enterprise will redefine their progress and performance by measuring their full financial, societal and environmental returns to well-being, using the integrated five-capital asset Genuine Wealth model. A successful enterprise knows the assets most important to their success and how to manage and minimize the liabilities or risks to well-being.   WROI  (well-being return on investment) analysis is a unique feature of the Genuine Wealth assessment model. Similar to ROI analysis, WROI assesses the returns from program or operational spending to overall societal well-being, including well-being impacts on the environment and communities. WROI helps decision makers evaluate the success of managing their five capital assets of Genuine Wealth.   WROA (well-being return on assets) is the analytic tool to help decision makers determine how successful they are in optimizing and sustaining the genuine value of their human, social, natural, built and financial capital assets.

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