Genuine Wealth Assessments and Audits

Genuine Wealth Assessments and Audits provides business, communities, governments and other organizations with a comprehensive assessment, valuation, and reporting structure using an integrated five capital model (Genuine Wealth) that defines your organization’s or communities well-being. The five capitals of Genuine Wealth include: human, social, natural, built and financial capital.

The defining feature of the Genuine Wealth model is that it helps an organization understand the qualitative, quantitative and monetary values of it’s five strategic assets in order to help optimize well-being returns on investments of both capital and operating expenditures. Genuine Wealth provides a strategic framework based on identifying and leveraging the five capital assets (human, social/cultural, natural, built and financial) to improve well-being.  Genuine Wealth Assessment is an innovative performance measurement system that integrates into your formal accounting system and helps improve decision making.

A Genuine Wealth Assessment and audit starts by identifying the broad asset potential of your five capitals. We then review asset use, identifying opportunities for their monetization and their well-being potential. By better understanding the conditions and resilience of your five capital assets, your organization is better equipped to improve the well-being of your employees, organization or community. Each Genuine Wealth Assessment is customized reflecting the clients unique corporate or community culture.

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