Abundant Community meets Genuine Wealth

Mark Anielski, of Genuine Wealth Inc. interviewed by John McKnight and Peter Block of Abundant Community about different ways for communities and other organizations to assess, build and sustain their genuine wealth — the human, social, natural, … [Read more]

Genuine Wealth Research

We believe that modern capitalism is changing, adapting rapidly to foundational changes in the engine of growth in today’s global economy. We believe wealth is being redefined. We believe that well-being optimization will replace profit and GDP as … [Read more]

Genuine Wealth Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

The Genuine Wealth system is the operating and management system by which decision makers in business, communities, and non-profit organizations can measure, manage and report on their current and historical state of well-being. We believe that a … [Read more]

Genuine Wealth Assessments and Audits

Genuine Wealth Assessments and Audits provides business, communities, governments and other organizations with a comprehensive assessment, valuation, and reporting structure using an integrated five capital model (Genuine Wealth) that defines your … [Read more]


Genuine Wealth Inc. is the world leader in helping individuals, households, communities, towns, cities, organizations, regions, countries, and the world achieve greater levels of well-being and happiness through the successful application of genuine … [Read more]